Monthly Archives: October 2011

Version 1.1 of Caster is available

version 1.1   We have released a new version of Caster — our lightweight multi-platform extension for playing Ogg files in GameMaker.   Download Caster v1.1   It fixes some moderately annoying bugs and adds some new functionality, so it’s recommended to … Continue reading

How to make player choices interesting

I admit that I didn’t care much about player choices up until recently. A strongly directed experience is usually better than a diluted one with a few (often meaningless) options to pick. The player gets to see only one story … Continue reading

Blog is back + personal update

My life is slowly getting back into balance, and I finally got more time to write. It seems like the right time to revive the blog! Google Analytics also says it’s good for our traffic ;).   With such a … Continue reading