Monthly Archives: November 2011

Lovable space monsters

I just received the remaining graphics for the little co-op arcade game I wrote about before. They are so lovely that I just had to share them.   Especially these ferocious (but lovable) space monsters:       The planets are … Continue reading

Storyline branches… literally

Each time we test Cinders, we end up with a small list of potential issues to fix and small improvements we could make. This time, we’ve came with one of those silly little features, that mostly go unnoticed, but look pretty … Continue reading

Design Boost Camp

Being an indie can get very lonely. It’s my main gripe with it so far. I don’t have problems with motivating myself, work/life balance is hard but not impossible, and money issues and overall uncertainty are balanced out by the … Continue reading

A glimpse into the future

We’re in a bit of a rut. We don’t want to show any more Cinders materials in fear of spoiling too much. But at the same time, we would like to share what’s going on and what we’re working on right … Continue reading