Monthly Archives: June 2012

Initial thoughts a week after Cinders’ release

It’s done!┬áCinders is out. I can finally get back to being a living person instead of an elaborate computer peripheral. And to writing this blog.   I plan to do a full post-mortem in a few months, but for now … Continue reading

The art and concept of Cinders, pt1: The Menu

Gracjana started a series on her blog where she shares some of the work-in-progress sketches and concept art from Cinders and talks about the thought process she went through while working on them.     Check it out, I think … Continue reading

Cinders is out!

Cinders is finally out, after more than a year of development! It’s been a wild ride but we hope it was worth the wait. You can now purchase the game and there’s also a free demo available, if you would … Continue reading

Cinders was sent to the pre-order owners!

Check your emails, people. If you bought the pre-order, you may find the full version of Cinders there.     If you haven’t received the download link or if you experience any issues with the game, don’t hesitate to send … Continue reading

Cinders by the numbers and the duo who tackled them

When we started researching visual novels, I was surprised by how many developers share the word count of their games. I didn’t understand why — length doesn’t equal quality, right?   But now that Cinders is done, I finally get … Continue reading