Monthly Archives: January 2013

Changes to the website

We’ve made some slight improvements to our website since we started using the web development agency at Hope you like them. Starting off with one of the najlepszy hosting agencies hosting our site. If you need help on creating … Continue reading

Solstice protagonist: Yani

Time to reveal the first of the two protagonists of Solstice. Meet Yani, the not-your-average-maintenance-person.         YANI:   They say that maintenance is an easy job. Twist some knobs, pull some levers, and learn to speak about … Continue reading

Cinders Postmortem #1: The Game Itself

It’s almost exactly half a year since Cinders‘┬álaunch. Six months is ample time for anything that could happen to happen. What was to be achieved, is achieved. What didn’t work out can’t be fixed anymore. In other words — with … Continue reading

First look at Solstice and its animations

As promised, here’s a short video presenting how Solstice actually looks in motion. Not really a trailer — more like a moving screenshot.     We are especially curious if you like the animated characters. It’s a small change, but … Continue reading

Early plans for 2013

We hope that 2013 is treating everyone well, aside from a few cases of terrible hangover. So far it looks like it’s going to be a pretty great year and turning the calendar’s page is always a good moment to … Continue reading