Monthly Archives: April 2013

Cinders Postmortem #2: Production and Business

Let’s move on to part two of Cinders postmortem. Part one was a critical assessment of the artistic merit of the game. This one goes backstage — to the production and business aspects. How the development worked, how we marketed the … Continue reading

Bonfire is out!

Bonfire is now available for purchase at a hefty discount through alpha funding. If you enjoy challenging games and would like to help us shape its final version, give it a go. There’s a free demo, too.     Download … Continue reading

How Bonfire alpha funding is going to work

Bonfire alpha is done and should come out next week! As alpha funding is something we never did before, let me explain how it’s going to work.     Basically, alpha funding means you can buy the game before it’s officially … Continue reading

First screenshots from Solstice

We’ve added some first images to the Solstice subpage. Hope you like them.     Of course, they come from a pretty early version of the game, so things may still get changed or improved.   The development itself is … Continue reading

A possible Cinders sequel focused on Sophia?

We are mulling over a pretty nifty idea for a Cinders sequel. It would focus on Sophia and her attempts to keep her family from falling apart after the redhead heroine’s departure. A reluctant hero story about growing up to one’s … Continue reading