Monthly Archives: May 2013

How we handle our social networks

In the Cinders postmortem, I’ve talked about how social networks completely overshadowed the press when it came to generating traffic.   Of course, the press is still important for igniting that initial spark of interest (which I’m now painfully learning through … Continue reading

Endless Journey coming in the next Bonfire update

The first major update to Bonfire is drawing near. It should make the game work as a complete standalone product, while I move towards more time consuming changes.   The Werewolf Paladin (don’t ask) — one of the new monsters.   The … Continue reading

Show Me The Sales!

Show Me The Games is running a huge indie game sale and we’re involved!   The promotion is now over. Thanks!   The promotion features heavy discounts on 32 indie games and lasts until May 18th. Visit this address for more details … Continue reading