Monthly Archives: August 2013

So I’ve bought myself a Porsche

Back when Cinders production started to become really troubled, I used to joke that we might have hit some hurdles, but just you wait, in two years I’m gonna get myself a Porsche!   I even created a blog post … Continue reading

Bonfire Wiki

Autoquark, one of the players on our forums, has decided to be super-awesome and started a Bonfire Wiki.     It holds a lot of info on heroes, stats, bosses, quests, possible strategies… Well, everything! The game can be pretty … Continue reading

The first huge Bonfire update arrives!

Bonfire┬á0.9.0.0 has just arrived through the means of magic and boy is it chock-full of cool new stuff!   If you already own the game, you can re-download the new version from your purchase email. If not, get it below. … Continue reading