Monthly Archives: September 2013

Solstice pre-orders are open!

Solstice is finally available for pre-orders. There’s a playable preview build, there’s mystery, there’s a lot of pretty!       By pre-ordering it now, you: Gain access to the playable preview version right away Get the game cheaper ($19.95 … Continue reading

Bonfire update 0.9.1 is out

A new version of Bonfire is available! You can re-download it from the same purchase email, you’ve got the original game from.     The update is relative small but includes several important bug fixes and balance improvements, so it’s a recommended … Continue reading

We’re almost ready to launch Solstice pre-orders

Good news, people! We just finished enough content for Solstice to warrant a proper preview build. If things go well with bug fixing and final polish, we are ready to launch pre-orders in two weeks!     The deal will … Continue reading