Monthly Archives: January 2014

Cinders is on Greenlight!

Guys! Guys! It finally happened. We’ve submitted Cinders to Steam Greenlight. Now everything is in your hands!     Visual novels focused on women aren’t exactly Steam’s bread and butter, so pushing it through the gates will require some effort. But … Continue reading

Better Gameplay Balance: Beyond the Spreadsheets

When you only start learning how to draw, you doodle. It’s fun and it sometimes even looks okay. Then you begin to grasp the rules of anatomy and composition, and everything changes. Now you know how to visualise something properly. … Continue reading

New Bonfire art style?

We’re planning something big for Bonfire and it involves a complete artwork revamp. Kate prepared a few propositions:   Click for full-res image.   We’ll pick one depending on what you like the most, so if any of the above … Continue reading

The December Sale is over!

The new year brings our December Sale to the end. Thanks for participating!     Double thanks to all the wonderful people who decided to support us with the developer tip, even though this was an opportunity to get our … Continue reading