Monthly Archives: December 2014

Yeah, that 2014 though…

It’s this time of the year again, and boy what a crazy year it was!     Solstice is still in development. The delay nearly killed our young studio!   But then Cinders landed on Steam thanks to your insane support on Greenlight! … Continue reading

New Solstice preview build is ready!

The new Solstice preview build is now available to all pre-order owners!       By pre-ordering it now, you: Gain access to the playable preview version right away Get the game cheaper ($19.95 from $22.95) Can affect the development … Continue reading

Here’s how Solstice playtesting is gonna work

If you’ve been following my twitter, you probably know that our internal testing & improvements run took way longer than expected, due to a decision to rework a significant portion of the story. Because dumb perfectionism.   But we’re finally … Continue reading