Bonfire is out!

Bonfire is now available for purchase at a hefty discount through alpha funding. If you enjoy challenging games and would like to help us shape its final version, give it a go. There’s a free demo, too.




Bonfire screen 1 || 2013Bonfire screen 2 || 2013Bonfire screen 3 || 2013Bonfire screen 4 || 2013Bonfire screen 5 || 2013

Download Bonfire demo:

Download Cinders OSX demoDownload Bonfire Windows demo

Buy the game for $7.95:

Get Bonfire for MacGet Cinders for Windows

The game is in alpha funding promotion (down from $15.95). Learn more.



Even though the game will be expanded with new features and content, I tried to make sure that the current version feels and plays like a complete game. It already should provide hours of smooth and relatively bug-free experience.


Of course, what gets implemented in the future updates largely depends on your feedback. Make sure to visit our forums, once you give the game a go, and share your thoughts.


Thanks! And have fun!