Bonfire’s still burning

And while we were busy with Solstice, Kate finished re-doing Bonfire‘s artwork. All of it!


Bonfire's campfire


So yes, the game is very much alive despite the lack of public updates. We realized we’ve made a mistake by focusing on small incremental improvements, while much more drastic changes are necessary to finally leave the alpha stage and reach anyone outside of the few dedicated playtesters.


As we chipped at the sheer amount of Solstice’s content, Kate patiently experimented with different art styles and re-drew the entire game sprite by sprite, preparing it for the new design direction we have in mind.


When I’m more free to work on it (that is: once our monster-of-a-VN is out), we plan to release a new public demo, to see if the changes we’ve planned are on the right track. Expect more news on what’s going to be different as we go, but we can already tell you we’re very excited about how it’s shaping up!