General MoaCube update on stuff

Yeah, well… Yeah! I guess I should update our page a bit more frequently.




Its re-work is my main focus and is in fact almost done. I want to make a playable version available to people who purchased the alpha ASAP and then decide on a release date based on your feedback. The game ended up… a pretty sizeable RPG that became deeply personal along the way. I hope it’ll be worth the wait.


New project:

New project will be pretty!



We’ve started a new project with the Cinders & Solstice team. It’s too early to talk about it in detail, but it’s our largest game yet. It’s also not a visual novel, even if it should feel quite familiar…



Rumina by Holy Pangolin



Agata’s game is still in the works (and honestly looks pretty great!). Its development is an amazing story that I hope she’ll be able to tell soon. For now, you can check her growing collection of odd games at


Cinders & Solstice:

Cinders & Solstice ports



Are coming to devices near you. Watch your smart fridge I guess.



These days I prefer social media for news (don’t we all honestly?), so check our twitter / facebook / tumblr. I’ll try to keep the page up-to-date with bigger stuff, though.