Here’s how Solstice playtesting is gonna work

If you’ve been following my twitter, you probably know that our internal testing & improvements run took way longer than expected, due to a decision to rework a significant portion of the story. Because dumb perfectionism.


But we’re finally done and nearly ready to start some proper playtesting!



To cover as much of the text base as possible, and get a good general vibe of what people think of Solstice, we’re breaking it all into three tiers:


  • Open testers: all pre-order owners will get access to a new preview build. It contains the same portion of the game as the last one (first two chapters), but is much more polished and includes numerous improvements requested during the last testing run. After giving it a try, you can simply email me your feedback or leave it on the forums. We’d like to know what was your general impression and if there are any significant bugs left.
  • Closed testers: a group of volunteers will receive an extended test build containing the first four chapters of the game (out of six total). They’ll help us with hunting bugs and typos, as well as offer feedback on the general flow of the story. The most dedicated testers may get access to the game’s text, if they’d like to help us more directly.
  • Editors: we’re also looking for professional editors who would work with us directly on the text base, after the main bulk of testing is done. If that’s interesting for you, please send us a brief summary of your experience as well as sample rates.


When contacting us with feedback or to volunteer for closed tests, please include something like “Solstice testing” or “Solstice editing” in the email’s subject. Makes it so much easier to sort.


The plan is to start next week, but we’ve received a lot of emails during our last call for testers and we’ll likely contact all these fine folk a bit earlier. If we talked before and somehow I forget you now, please don’t hesitate to ping me.


Also, wish us luck because hot damn! 🙂