Lovable space monsters

I just received the remaining graphics for the little co-op arcade game I wrote about before. They are so lovely that I just had to share them.


Especially these ferocious (but lovable) space monsters:


The Mighty Magnetic Shark From Space

The Snot Spitter



The planets are nothing to sneeze at either. Like this space-pretzel. Home of the peaceful race of Pretzelorians.


Pretzel Planet



All the art is done by Marta Dzikowska. An artist I’ve met on the DBC game design workshops. Assets are first drawn on paper with pencils and crayons, then photographed and tweaked in Photoshop. The whole thing has a paper craft aesthetic to it.


The game itself just needs a few more tweaks and a proper game-over screen and it’s good to go. It’s not more than a day or two of work, but with Cinders taking the priority, I can’t really tell when it’s going to happen. Probably after the new preview build is sent to the pre-order owners.