On stretches, counting, and kick-ass editors

Yup, stretches. Like, we’re on the last one!


And yes, I know we kinda are since 3000 BC, when we started doing Solstice pre-orders. But this time for reals, and I’m counting down remaining scenes (21 at the moment of writing this) on my twitter.


Once it’s done, I have some effect and features coding left to do, and then we can move to final playtesting and editing. If it goes well, I’d say early Summer release is pretty likely (would be awesome to launch on actual monthly gift box subscriptions!).


Speaking of editing…




Meet Cara “Cheratomo” Hillstock. She’s our editor for Solstice and she’s super-awesome!


She already went through half of the game’s script and what can we say — it’s all so much better now! We know Cinders was a little rough around the edges language-wise when it first launched. Solstice should be way more polished from the get go thanks to her invaluable help.


Cara also works on her own successfully kickstarted visual novel Asagao Academy. It involves dating competitive gamers and a pink-haired protagonist’s journey through romance and friendship. Check it out!