Solstice Collector’s Edition content

With the Solstice launch so close, we’re ready to announce the contents of our Collector’s Edition. Because, yes, it’s going to be a thing!


Or two things, actually. We’ve prepared a Digital Collector’s Edition with plenty of cool downloadable extras as well as a super-exclusive Limited Edition with actual physical goodies!


Solstice Limited Edition content


Digital Collector’s Edition includes:

  • The game (DRM-free & Steam)
  • Original Soundtrack (high quality MP3s + FLAC)
  • A full printable Solstice playing cards set
  • 46 pages-long “Making of” art book in PDF format
  • 3 large printable posters
  • 10 wallpapers
  • Plus some instructions on how to best print it all


Limited Edition (60 copies only!) features:

  • The game (DRM-free & Steam)
  • Original Soundtrack (high quality MP3s + FLAC)
  • A set of 54 Solstice playing cards in a plastic box
  • A physical copy of the “Making of” art book
  • Hand-written thanks from the team
  • A set of A5 high quality Solstice prints
  • Plus all the Digital Edition contents


The cards and the art book we’re particularly proud of. They really came out great and the print quality is really top notch!


We also have a little surprise for all pre-order owners. We know it’s been a long wait and we fully expected you to come to our door one day, pitchforks and torches in hands. But instead you’ve shown us incredible amounts of patience and support. As a token of our gratitude, we’re going to treat all pre-orders as if they were Digital Collector’s Edition purchases.


And when do you get to play the game? No date seems more fitting than the actual winter solstice at December 22nd. With public release to follow somewhere after the holiday craze is over (more news on that soon).