Solstice special editions info and pricing

With Solstice coming out this Thursday at a reasonably high chance of not being delayed by another two years, let’s talk about the various available editions and their pricing.





The basic edition of the game contains:

  • Solstice for PC & Mac (DRM-free)
  • Key for activating the game on Steam


Price: $19.99


Note: Steam key becomes active only after the game lands there in April.


Solstice Digital Collector's


Solstice for PC, Mac and Steam + downloadable extras:

  • Original Soundtrack (remastered high-quality MP3s + FLAC)
  • A full printable Solstice playing cards set
  • 46 pages-long “Making of” art book in PDF format
  • 3 large printable posters
  • 10 wallpapers


Price: $29.99


Printing: All extras are print-ready and Gracjana included a short document with tips on how to do it best.


Solstice Limited Edition


The full contents of Digital Collector’s Edition + physical goodies:

  • A set of 54 Solstice playing cards in a plastic box
  • A physical copy of the “Making of” art book
  • A set of A5 high quality Solstice prints
  • Hand-written thanks from the team


Solstice Limited Edition content

Click for hi-resolution version.


Price: $70

Limited to 60 copies!


Delivery: We’ll be mailing the physical merchandise manually, so it’s likely to take a few weeks. Any shipping costs are included in the price. Digital extras and the game itself are available instantly upon purchase, of course.


Pre-order upgrade: We’re going to have an upgrade option for pre-order owners who would like to get the merch without having to re-buy. Please email me at if you are interested. Preferably before the launch, so I can reserve a copy for you.




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