Solstice pre-orders are open!

Solstice is finally available for pre-orders. There’s a playable preview build, there’s mystery, there’s a lot of pretty!


Solstice screen 1 || 2013Solstice screen 2 || 2013Solstice screen 3 || 2013Solstice screen 4 || 2013Solstice screen 5 || 2013


Pre-order Solstice for MacPre-order Solstice for Windows


By pre-ordering it now, you:

  • Gain access to the playable preview version right away
  • Get the game cheaper ($19.95 from $22.95)
  • Can affect the development by posting feedback on our forums
  • Will receive the final game two weeks before its official launch
  • Support a small indie studio and are an overall awesome person




Solstice is a fantasy mystery, set in an exotic city built in the middle of a frozen wasteland, with strong focus on characters and their motivations. You can learn more about it on its dedicated subpage.


The preview build is definitely the biggest thing benefit of pre-ordering. You get to play the game way before it’s officially out, we get to gather early feedback that can help us shape the final version. The preview is also pretty long, featuring around 20% of the full game’s content and clocking at 2 to 3 hours of playtime.


Have fun! And remember to hit our forums to let us know what you think.