The first huge Bonfire update arrives!

Bonfire has just arrived through the means of magic and boy is it chock-full of cool new stuff!


If you already own the game, you can re-download the new version from your purchase email. If not, get it below.


Bonfire arrived


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Download Bonfire demo:

Download Cinders OSX demoDownload Bonfire Windows demo

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The biggest new additions are the roguelike-inspired Endless Journey and two additional heroes to unlock, but there’s also a plenty of new content and gameplay tweaks. The full list of improvements can be found here and is over 80 items long! Check it out.


This update also introduces a much more leeway Lighthearted difficulty mode, so if you found the game to be too hard, give it a try.


In general, I consider this to be the best version to get into Bonfire. It’s pretty much a complete game at this point. There’s no leftover or locked content, it seems to be bug free, and all the major issues have been addressed. Of course, I still want to expand it through future releases, but it already works as a complete and polished package.


Have fun and be sure to leave your feedback on our forums.