The Solstice pre-release is ON!

As soon as Solstice development creeped into November, we realized we’ll have to wait for the holidays to end before even considering a public release. But we also wanted to give pre-order owners something to play during those long winter nights.


And tonight is the longest night of all – the winter solstice!


Solstice pre-release


Which is another way of saying Solstice is out for all pre-order owners!


Check your inboxes! Also, as promised, we’ve upgraded all your purchases to Digital Collector’s Edition!


This has been a long and harrowing project. Probably the most difficult in our careers. But it may as well resulted in our best game to date, filling us with an equal measure of anxiety and excitement, to finally be able to show it to a larger audience. We really hope you’ll like it!


Just please note that, while we and our play testers put a lot of effort into making sure everything works fine, this is the first semi-public release. If you encounter any problems, just drop me a line at Same if for some reason you haven’t received your copy.


Have fun, guys! And Happy Holidays!