Version 1.1 of Caster is available

Caster extension

version 1.1


We have released a new version of Caster — our lightweight multi-platform extension for playing Ogg files in GameMaker.


Download Caster v1.1


It fixes some moderately annoying bugs and adds some new functionality, so it’s recommended to update the extension if your project uses it. No changes in the game’s code are necessary.


List of changes:

  • WAV files are now supported.
  • Added caster_pause and caster_resume, to pause samples.
  • New caster_error_occurred function tests if there was an error since last call.
  • The current version of Caster can be now retrieved using caster_version.
  • Added functionality for panning.
  • Fixed various bugs, and improved the error handling system.


If you have any questions, feature suggestions or bugs, leave them in the comments or contact Marius directly at: