Solstice is drawing near!

Lotta things are happening with Solstice and they are all good things!


Yani in snow


First of all, we’ve been greenlit before we could say: “Thank you for all your support, you’re the best!” It means that all pre-orders owners will get a free Steam key when the game lands on the service!


Secondly, we just finished an extensive internal playtesting and polishing session. We approached the game as players for the first time, looking for potential pacing issues, plot holes, or general problems. It gave us a lot of cool ideas for improvements (like the new intro scene, seen on the GIF above).


Once we’re done with them, the game will be handed to volunteer proofreaders and editors, to make sure the main chunk of it gets as polished as possible while we’re busy implementing the grand finale (its’s HUGE!). There will also be a new public build for all the pre-order owners.


Also, we gotta say we’re really happy with how the game is shaping up and can’t wait to share it with you! Which hopefully should happen soon-ish.


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Solstice needs your votes on Greenlight!

Solstice is nearing completion (we promise!), so it’s time to secure it a nice and cozy spot on Steam.




Greenlight is almost purely fan-driven these days, even more so in case of games like ours, so our fate is in your hands :).


Every vote counts, but even just spreading the word is a huge help for us. Thanks!

Cinders went live on Steam!

Cinders on Steam


Or get the game from us (Steam key included):

Get Cinders for Windows, Mac, and Steam.


There’s a 10% Launch Discount off the new base price of $19.99, so grab it while it’s hot!


If you already own Cinders, here’s info on how to redeem it on Steam. Sales made from our website will include Steam keys automatically from now on.


We also appreciate every bit of help with spreading the word. The amount of features and promotion we get from Valve depends on the overall interest in the game during the first few days.


It would be awesome to prove them that a narrative game for a slightly different audience can do well on Steam!

Steam launch date and key retrieval

The time has finally come! Cinders launches on Steam this Thursday! Our little girl is going places!


Cinders Steam launch date


If you already own the game, please email me with your purchase data to retrieve your Steam key. You can even do it before the official launch if you promise to be nice and let us know of any problems :).


Purchases made after the game goes live will contain Steam keys automatically.

An update on Solstice

A little update on Solstice development. Pro tip: listen to the soundtrack sample below as you read it.



The game’s coming along steadily, if a bit slower than we’d like (honestly, if one of our projects ever goes faster than expected, the universe will end). It’s shaping up to be much longer than initially anticipated, though. Test runs through the first three major story segments already take us almost as much time as an entire Cinders playthrough.


Yani finds some problems


Development is going to take at least a few more months. At this point, four of the planned six “chapters” are complete. Remaining are the grand finale, endings, and all the pre-release testing and editing.


On that note: we’re looking for editors to help us with the in-game text. Both volunteers willing to do some basic proofreading/testing and professionals available for commission. Email us, if you’re interested.


As always, thanks for all your patience and support.

We’ve been greenlit!

Thanks to off-the-charts love levels, Cinders has been accepted for Steam release in under a month! Wow!


Cinders is a go!


Well, what can we say, guys… Thanks! Your support has been absolutely incredible and we’re still amazed by how fast it all went.


We’re unsure of how long the publishing process is going to take, as this is our first Steam release, but we’ll keep you updated. Hopefully, it won’t be too long.

Cinders is on Greenlight!

Guys! Guys! It finally happened. We’ve submitted Cinders to Steam Greenlight. Now everything is in your hands!


Cinders on Greenlight


Visual novels focused on women aren’t exactly Steam’s bread and butter, so pushing it through the gates will require some effort. But hey, it’s not fun if it’s easy, right? 



We need all the help we can get, so be sure to lend us your vote and spread the word among your friends who could be interested in supporting more diversity on Steam.


Together we can do it!

New Bonfire art style?

We’re planning something big for Bonfire and it involves a complete artwork revamp. Kate prepared a few propositions:


New art style options for Bonfire

Click for full-res image.


We’ll pick one depending on what you like the most, so if any of the above tickles your fancy, let me know either through twitter, tumblr, or our facebook fanpage. Thanks!

The December Sale is over!

The new year brings our December Sale to the end. Thanks for participating!




Double thanks to all the wonderful people who decided to support us with the developer tip, even though this was an opportunity to get our games as cheap as possible. We seriously have the best audience ever. Much love!


Happy New Year, folks! Let’s make it a good one.

December sale on everything MoaCube!

December has come. And with it, the irresistible urge to make a big sale with huge discounts on all our titles. Because what’s better than a cool indie game to spend those cold winter nights with? (please, don’t answer…)


The promotion will last till the New Year. If you already own our games, remember there’s an option to purchase them as gifts for someone else.

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Cinders is a mature retelling of Cinderella, ditching the passive protagonist and banal morals of the original story in sake of a more serious approach.


Our biggest game yet, so also the biggest discount. It makes sense.

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Solstice is a mystery thriller about small personal disasters that can turn into great catastrophes. And a clear conscience that is as rare as pure snow.


The game is in pre-orders. Purchasers receive a lengthy preview build.

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Bonfire is a lightweight tactical RPG with strong roguelike influences where rules are simple but strategy is hard.


Be warned: we’re dead serious about the “challenge” part.

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Magi is a challenging tactical game about wizard duels, mixing strategy and RPG elements with the dynamism and immediacy of fighting games.


“Dueling wizards” is also about the coolest thing to ever go on a discount.

Have fun and Happy Holidays! Let your happy winter spending fuel our happy winter spending. 😉