Monthly Archives: May 2011

The missing team member

If we suddenly had enough resources to hire one additional full-time team member, it wouldn’t be another artist, programmer or designer. It would be a marketing person.   Looking at our google analytics, I can see a tremendous correlation between … Continue reading

Pre-orders, beta and pricing

If you have read our post about Cinders second milestone, you probably know that we’re entering the final stage of its production. It’s a good moment to talk about what lies further down the road.     Our plan assumes … Continue reading

Caster – multi-platform Ogg extension for GameMaker

  Caster is a lightweight OpenAL-based extension for playing Ogg files in GameMaker, written by Marius Utheim. The extension works on both Windows and Mac.   It’s simple to use and offers all the most useful features when dealing with … Continue reading

Film Grain Example

A simple example showing how to achieve a nice film grain effect in GameMaker. Useful for creating gritty ambience in darker games, or for stuff like security camera output.     Download the GMK file     Done using GameMaker … Continue reading

Ayu Sakata joins Cinders team

Since a while, I’ve been babbling on our twitter and blog about the possibility of a new writer joining our team.   I’m happy to announce that all is set, and Ayu Sakata of SakeVisual has joined Cinders team as … Continue reading