Monthly Archives: February 2016

Direct sales launch: 3 years ago VS now

We’re an interesting case. Even though I wish we weren’t.   If you’re not familiar with our work, three and a half years ago we’ve released Cinders. A fairytale visual novel, which became quite successful for such a niche genre, earning … Continue reading

Solstice is out!

Solstice is a dystopian mystery thriller about small personal disasters that turn into great catastrophes.   Download Solstice demo: Buy the game for $19.99:   Or support us with one of the special editions: Buy Digital Collector’s Edition for $29.99: … Continue reading

Solstice special editions info and pricing

With Solstice coming out this Thursday at a reasonably high chance of not being delayed by another two years, let’s talk about the various available editions and their pricing.       The basic edition of the game contains: Solstice for … Continue reading

Solstice trailer and release date!

Hold on to your warm blankets! Solstice is coming out on February 11th!   Like our new trailer?   That includes the collector’s and limited editions, of course, and we’ll update you regarding their pricing and delivery soon.   Steam release will follow … Continue reading