Endless Journey coming in the next Bonfire update

The first major update to Bonfire is drawing near. It should make the game work as a complete standalone product, while I move towards more time consuming changes.


Werewolf Paladin... it's complicated.

The Werewolf Paladin (don’t ask) — one of the new monsters.


The biggest new feature is the addition of the Endless Journey. A roguelike-inspired gauntlet, where you tackle a randomized dungeon and try to reach as far as possible. Dead characters stay dead in this mode, and are replaced by your other unlocked heroes — often leading to discovery of new strategies and combos. Personally, it’s my favorite way to play the game right now.


The update will also feature some new content, quests, monsters, and heroes, as well as numerous tweaks to the balance and overall polish. The full list of changes is available on the forums. There’s also a thread for a long term list of future additions. Feedback is as always very welcome.