Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, people! May all of you have nice, warm and relaxing holidays. The kind we all dream of. And if you don’t celebrate Easter, well, extra good wishes for the weekend never hurt, right?


We would also like to thank you for all the encouraging feedback you left in the comments and on the various forums. It really makes us want to keep going and give you some awesome games in return. Not to mention we’re suckers for compliments. Thanks.


Happy Easter


After the short holiday break is over, we are going to finally iron out the last kinks of our website. Make the forums and store match the rest of the design, add some features, such stuff.

We also plan on doing  a huge Magi sale, to help us stay afloat, while we finish up Cinders. There’s also a strong possibility that our team is going to have a new member. It’s someone some of you may already know.


All in all, exciting stuff, so keep your eyes peeled.