Indie Underdog Pack

Indie Underdog Pack, a fundraising campaign where you can help indie developers and get many cool games in the process, just went live!


Indie Underdog Pack

Click the Underdog to go to the campaign’s website.


The idea is simple. Several talented but less known indies banded together to fund their future games by giving away their existing ones. It’s like a kickstarter campaign mixed with a bundle deal.


You can get the six bundle games for just 5 bucks, while $25+ also gets you the titles you help to fund. Higher contributions are of course welcome and grant you even cooler rewards. The whole thing is ran through 8-Bit Funding.



On our side, we are giving away Magi. The funds will go towards finishing Cinders and the development of our future projects.


It’s a new thing for us, and we don’t put our expectations too high. But the┬ámore we get out of this, the less we have to borrow, which allows us to focus on the development instead of looking for further funding.


Check it out. It’s a nice way to help promising developers and a good deal on some fun indie games at the same time. I especially recommend Koya Rift (a crazy flashy shooter) and Caveman Craig 2 (quirky caveman strategy game, available from $25 on).