New ArcMagi sprites

Lately it’s been all about Cinders, but don’t worry – we still work on ArcMagi. Here are few new sprites from the game.




This is the Angel summon. In ArcMagi, different characters have access to different spells, and the Angel is the new top-tier creature for those mages who can’t summon the Demon. Angel provides powerful defensive support with healing aura and shots from his holy gun.




This is how the Warlock looks in ArcMagi. We decided to make him more modern and brutal looking, to match his agressive playstyle and character. His new spellset and unique abilities make him the master of pressure and dealing continuous damage.




The Necromancer is another character that underwent a major re-design to match his more fleshed-out personality in ArcMagi. Gameplay wise, while he’s still the master of summoning, new stat and ability mechanics in ArcMagi make his playstyle quite different. We tried to preserve equivalent of his infamous PowerMancer combo, though.


Lurk is constantly working on the remaining character sprites, so while for now we are focused on Cinders, eventually it should be possible for me to jump into ArcMagi full-time and wrap it up quickly.