New preview build is live!

The new preview build of Cinders is finally ready and available to all pre-order purchasers.


If you bought the game, please check your email for a new download link from BMT Micro. If you are a member of the press willing to do a preview, please contact us and we’ll fix you a copy, too.


Cinders means business


The new version includes a lot more story content, along with numerous fixes and improvements. Writing took much longer than we expected, so to make use of that extra time, we got around to implementing some cool new stuff from your suggestions and our own wish list.


Notable changes:

  • Branch icon appears when current events are an outcome of earlier choices.
  • Every character now has several more poses for specific situations.
  • Small face icons were added next to character names for better readability.
  • Rewards visible in the main menu for completing various events.
  • Auto-play option is available.
  • Fast-text option for the quick readers out there.
  • Many new sound and visual effects were added.
  • From now on, save files will be compatible between game versions.
  • Several bug fixes and other minor improvements.


We hope you’ll enjoy the new build. If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments or on our forums.


Just a minor discord between sisters


As for the general development progress — we’re getting there, but there’s still a significant amount of writing left to be done. We have hired an additional writer to speed up the process. If everything goes well, we should be able to set some release date soon.