Pre-orders, beta and pricing

If you have read our post about Cinders second milestone, you probably know that we’re entering the final stage of its production. It’s a good moment to talk about what lies further down the road.


The road ahead


Our plan assumes having a preview version ready in few weeks, and we started to think about pre-orders and first beta tests. We asked if you think it’s a good idea on our twitter and facebook. The response was pretty positive, so we think it’s worth a try.


Pre-orders should be available in about two weeks, and will cost $19.95 (final game will be $22.95). Buyers will receive a playable demo as a perk. This includes everyone who supported us with the $50 Magi bundle. Owners of the $25 bundle can decide to use up their free game on Cinders, if they want. Just email me.


Everyone with access to the demo will automatically be eligible for our closed beta. This will simply require signing to our forums and stating that you want to be involved.


Let us know if this makes sense to you, and if you are potentially interested.