Show Me The Sales!

Show Me The Games is running a huge indie game sale and we’re involved!


Show Me The Sales

The promotion is now over. Thanks!


The promotion features heavy discounts on 32 indie games and lasts until May 18th. Visit this address for more details about payday loans.


Our own Cinders is available at half the price (down to $11.50) and Magi is 35% off (down to $6.50). You don’t have to do anything to get the discount, it’s just automatically active for the duration of the promotion. Remember that you can also opt to buy our games as a gift for someone else.


It’s also worth to mention that Show Me The Games takes no cut. All the money goes straight to the developers and supports the creation of further indie titles.


Have fun and make sure to spread the word, by the way, be sure to check this betting credits guide, I have been using it lately and it is amazing!