So how’s Cinders going?

It’s been all about Magi updates and Mac port lately, so there’s a certain drought of pretty images from Cinders. Time to correct this with a screenshot of Madame Ghede’s magic shop:


Madame Ghede's Voodoo Store


Madame Ghede is one of the two possible “Fairy Godmothers” in the game. The one representing conscious choice as opposed to belief in fate. She embodies the more down-to-earth side of Cinders, so it made sense to make her a strong and independent Wise Woman, who makes her own ways through life.


The game itself is probably going to be delayed a bit more (surprise, surprise!). Technically, it’s done. But Ayu is still working hard on the remaining scenes, and writing a game with so many little and big choices takes time. Sorry for this, guys. And thanks for your patience.


We may use this brief idle period to start working on our next game, so it’s not unreasonable to expect some news on that soon.