Solstice is done! Final tests begin!

Hold on to your seats, guys! We’ve finally finished Solstice and are ready to start that one last round of play testing! It honestly feels quite… unreal.


Galen can't believe it too


If you volunteered to be one of the testers, you should get an email with download links and some instructions soon. And yes, we’re still looking for more help, so drop me a line if you pre-ordered the game and would like to give it a spin.


As for the launch date, we frankly walked ourselves into a corner of end-of-the-year major sales and releases, and we’re not sure what to do about it yet. One thing is certain, however: pre-order owners will get their copy as soon as possible, regardless of our final decision on this. We may also have another nice surprise coming for you along the way, so watch this space!


So hey! That Solstice! It’s almost out. Some crazy three years this was, eh?