Solstice is content complete!

We can hardly believe it ourselves! It’s been three years! Three. Years.


Solstice is pretty much done! Yay!


So what exactly does “content complete” mean? Basically, it’s a stage where the entire game is done and can be played from start to finish, even if it’s still going to be a somewhat bumpy ride.


As we have a habit of doing playtesting runs as we go, and started working with an amazing editor during this project, that “bumpiness” is limited to the final two chapters. Still, it’s there and has to be ironed out before the release.


Here’s the roadmap for now:

  • We’ll be doing some internal tests first. Fix already known issues, make sure the game doesn’t crash, generally polish it up.
  • Along the way, we’ll be closing pre-orders. It’s the last chance to get one, if you want to access the game earlier.
  • Then we’ll have one last round of closed testing. We’re counting on you here!
  • After it’s done, the game becomes available to pre-order owners!
  • The official launch happens around two weeks later!
  • We get very, very drunk!


For the closed playtesting, we’ll be once again enlisting your help! If you want to take a part, please drop me an email at Especially if you tested Solstice during the earlier stages!


That’s it for now! Thanks again for your patience and continued support, guys!