MoaCube is a small collective of indie game developers, started by two game industry vets: designer Tom Grochowiak and illustrator Gracjana Zielinska.


We make games that are personal and pretty. We hope you like them.





Tom Grochowiak: Coding, design, business, and heavy particle effect overuse.


Contact Tom at tom at




Gracjana Zielinska: Artwork for Cinders and Solstice, design, and feedback that instills terror in writers’ hearts.


See more on Vinegar’s personal webpage.




Kate Kluge: Artwork for Bonfire, ArcMagi concept art, and character designs that make you go d’awwww.


Check Kate’s Tumblr for more of her creations.




Hubert Sobecki: Writing for Cinders and Solstice, philosophy, snarky comments, and equality activism.


Hubert runs a campaign for civil partnerships in Poland.




Agnieszka Mulak: Writing for Cinders and Solstice, playing with innocent psychology students’ minds.


Contact Agnieszka at slucham at






Rob Westwood: All the music you hear in our games and then can’t get out of your head for days.


You can listen to Rob’s music on his personal website.




Marius Utheim: Writing holy runes in the ancient Norse languages of C++ and C#.


Contact Marius at marius at




Lurk: Entirety of ArcMagi artwork and the ability to be the most mysterious man in indie game development.


You can see more of his creations on Lurk’s webpage.






Łukasz Andrzejowski: This very website, which was literally done for a crate of beer. Thanks, mate! <3   You can check his online portfolio.




Ayu Sakata: Some of Cinders writing and countless other visual novels at her own indie studio.


You can check Ayu’s works on SakeVisual website.