MoaCube is a small collective of indie game developers, started by two game industry vets: designer Tom Grochowiak and illustrator Gracjana Zielinska.


We have simple goals. We don’t have pompous manifestos or mission statements. We just make games. We want them to be good.



Tom Grochowiak: The head and main developer of MoaCube. Game designer with over 5 years of professional experience. A big fan of over-using particle effects.


Contact Tom at tom at




Kate Kluge: An artist and jewelry designer. As the only non-gamer in the team, she’s great with bringing fresh character designs you aren’t likely to see anywhere else.


Check Kate’s Tumblr for more of her creations.




Marius Utheim: The Norse god of mathematics. He joined us to help with ArcMagi and soon became the programming backbone of our team.


Contact Marius at marius at




Gracjana Zielinska: An acomplished artist and illustrator. We worked in the same company for two years and quickly became friends. She’s the sole artist behind Cinders.


See more on Vinegar’s personal webpage.






Rob Westwood: Amazingly talented British composer. We started our cooperation with Magi. Rob composes music for all our games since then.


You can listen to Rob’s music on his personal website.




Lurk: A mysterious figure. A man with a purpose. He’s known for infusing indie games of his choice with amazing art. The main artist behind ArcMagi.


You can see more of his creations on Lurk’s webpage.




Hubert Sobecki: A certified philosopher and a self-made equality activist. Half of the creative duo conjured up by Tom and Gracjana as emergency writers for Cinders.


Hubert runs a campaign for civil partnerships in Poland.




Agnieszka Mulak: A psychologist with a twist. The first game she wrote made at least three people go berserk. Half of the writing duo that raided Cinders.


Agnieszka runs a campaign for civil partnerships in Poland.






Łukasz Andrzejowski: A talented and nerdy web designer. He’s responsible for the shape of the current MoaCube’s website. He did a damn good job, if you ask us.


You can check his online portfolio.




Marta Dzikowska: An artist and illustrator we’ve met on the DBC game design workshops. We worked together on Co-Op.


You can check Marta’s works on her blog.




Ayu Sakata: An experienced writer, maker of visual novels, and the head developer of SakeVisual. She joined our team to helps us with Cinders.


You can check Ayu’s works on SakeVisual website.