Bonfire is a lightweight tactical RPG with strong roguelike influences that respects your time… and hates your guts.




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Looks like you’ve just gone done RPG combat properly, sir.

-Rodain Joubert, developer of Desktop Dungeons

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The rules are simple:

  • Create a party of three heroes.
  • Kill monsters in a stream of turn-based battles.
  • Each hero uses a different ability depending on if you click an enemy, an ally, or yourself.
  • Progression unlocks more heroes, upgrades, and harder quests.


The strategy is hard:

  • Quests are randomized. You have to make the best of any situation.
  • Knowing when to use powerful single-use items is the key to victory.
  • There’s no saving. When you die, you die.
  • Cool tactics and combos are not only possible, but mandatory.




System requirements:


Should work on anything with at least 512Mb RAM



Intel Macs with at least OS X 10.5