Bonfire is a battle roguelike about journey and failure.




Looks like you’ve just gone done RPG combat properly, sir.

-Rodain Joubert, developer of Desktop Dungeons

Coming soon!



Hildie and her group of heroes journey through a collapsed world that’s well past saving. Her quest to defeat the Overlord of the Mournfolk may be hopeless but isn’t it keeping up the fight that matters?


Bonfire is a challenging tactical RPG with strong roguelike elements that may be about something else entirely.



  • The collapsed world is endless and survival is hard.
  • Several possible party members with diverse abilities and personality.
  • A story unfolds as quests rack up. All told within the procedurally generated structure.



  • A tactical RPG where rules are simple but strategy is hard.
  • Each battle is a puzzle to solve. Each decision final.
  • It’s a game of plans, builds, flexible tactics and learning through failure.


System requirements:


Should work on anything with at least 512Mb RAM



Intel Macs with MacOS 10.7 and up