Introducing Agata

Agata Nawrot is a Warsaw-based artist.


Agata Nawrot



Who makes beautifully weird wicker lamps:


Agata's work



And even weirder, deeply personal video games about sad vegetables and evil bird-thougths:




It’s called Karambola, and you can play it on (it’s free). Despite it being Agata’s first ever release, it already got a feature at Now Play This and A MAZE festivals, as well as coverage in The Guardian! Right now she’s working on her second game, likely as odd and personal as her first one.

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And here comes the plot twist: the maintenance cmms software solutions is funding this project, as we deeply believe indie developers (especially those breaking the mold in any way) from poorer countries could use some support from their more established colleagues.


We’ll be announcing the details of the game as soon as there’s something cool to show, and I plan to write a more detailed blog post on why I decided to dabble in patronage. So watch this space, as it’s going to become amazingly odd!


For now, you can follow Agata on her twitter and facebook or visit her Instagram account, she was just able to Buy instagram followers to improve her account.

Magi now available on Steam!

Magi on Steam


You can also get the game from us (Steam key included):

Get Magi for Windows, Mac, and Steam.


Magi just joined our other games on Steam! If you’re in mood for some frighteningly realistic simulation of wizard duels, check it out!


And if you already got it somewhen during the past decade (yes, decade!) drop me an email with your purchase data and I’ll send you a nice and fresh Steam key!
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Happy wizarding, folks!

Magi comes to Steam on January 17th

When Magi launched ten years ago, I wouldn’t even dream that it’d land on Steam one day! And not just because it wasn’t really a thing back then.


Magi coming to Steam
But times are a-changin’ and Valve’s platform has become THE place for your PC game collection. And as such, it only makes sense that it contains the most realistic wizard duel simulator produced to date!


The game launches on January 17th, but the “Coming Soon” page is already up. Feel free to wishlist it! And just like with our other titles — if you already own it, email me with some proof of purchase to get your free key.

Humble GameMaker Bundle

Humble just launched their GameMaker Bundle, which includes GameMaker Studio and Mr Spin Review made in the software, including our very own Solstice!


Solstice in Humble Bundle


The total value of all the stuff in the bundle is $1885 (GameMaker is normally rather pricey), so at pay-what-you-want, it’s a pretty crazy deal.


But there’s something even more awesome about it: source codes for all the games are included and even EloBoosting services! If you ever wanted to get into indie game development and learn how games like Solstice are being made (spoiler: sloppily), this is some seriously great opportunity.

You can even play it with your mobile phones or other gadgets, Leased Line Company can help you with the best connection on the internet without having to worry the lagging of a game.


In our case, we even allow Java web hosting for our code in your projects. Because sharing is caring, yo!


The bundle ends on September 21st.

Solstice is out on Steam!

We will be able to use elo boosting services on this game!

Solstice on Steam


You can also get the game from us (Steam key included):

Get Solstice for Windows, Mac, and Steam.


Steam suddenly became way more snowy and mysterious, so take advantage of the 10% Launch Discount and grab Solstice now, or use the key from your download email if you bought it from us already!


If you played the game before, your save files will be compatible with the Steam version. Unlocked achievements will transfer as well, as soon as you enter the Rewards screen.


Have fun, gang! Make sure to leave a review once you’re done!

Solstice comes to Steam on March 23rd

The “Coming Soon” page is already live, so feel free to wishlist us up, guys!


Solstice comes to Steam on March 23rd!


Of course, if you bought the game directly, you already own the Steam key. It’ll just become active on 23rd.


Save files and everything will transfer between the normal and Steam versions. And if you’d like to unlock all your hard-earned trophies on Steam, just run the game and visit the Rewards screen.

Solstice is out!

Solstice is a dystopian mystery thriller about small personal disasters that turn into great catastrophes.


Solstice screen 1 || 2013Solstice screen 2 || 2013Solstice screen 3 || 2013Solstice screen 4 || 2013Solstice screen 5 || 2013

Download Solstice demo:

Download Solstice OSX demoDownload Solstice Windows demo

Buy the game for $19.99:

Get Solstice for Windows, Mac, and Steam.


Or support us with one of the special editions:

Solstice Digital Collector's

Buy Digital Collector’s Edition for $29.99:

Get Solstice Digital Collector's Edition.

Solstice for PC, Mac and Steam + downloadable extras:

  • Original Soundtrack (remastered high-quality MP3s + FLAC)
  • A full printable Solstice playing cards set
  • 46 pages-long “Making of” art book in PDF format
  • 3 large printable posters
  • 10 wallpapers


Solstice Digital Collector's

Limited to 60 copies! (less than 50 left!)

Buy Limited Edition for $70:

Get Solstice Limited Edition.

The full contents of Digital Collector’s Edition + physical goodies:

  • A set of 54 Solstice playing cards in a plastic box
  • A physical copy of the “Making of” art book
  • A set of A5 high quality Solstice prints
  • Hand-written thanks from the team
  • Shipping details and hi-res pics


Solstice is about nothing more complicated than people from different places, with different stories to tell. That’s not risky. That’s interesting.

-The Mary Sue

What I love about Solstice is how it deals with people and their usually understandable motives, instead of combining items that most mystery adventure games do.

-Indie Statik

The aesthetics are gorgeous and make the world feel more alive than similar games can claim, but its real strength is in its storytelling.




A magnificent city in the middle of a frozen wasteland, cut off from the world by raging blizzards. Inhabited only by a small group of misfits, who either can’t or don’t want to leave for the dead winter season.


When the local madman goes missing, an ambitious doctor on a contract and a mysterious young woman, who arrived with the last dog sled caravan, start questioning the true nature of the city’s splendor…


Why it’s cool:

  • Two protagonists with different perspective and conflicting goals.
  • A cast of complex, diverse characters. And everyone is hiding something!
  • An ancient, overwhelming city. The silent culprit behind all events.
  • Beautiful painterly artwork by illustrator Gracjana Zielinska.
  • Hundreds of player choices and secrets to uncover.


Press kit


System requirements:


Should work on anything with at least 512Mb RAM



Intel Macs with at least OS X 10.5


Solstice special editions info and pricing

With Solstice coming out this Thursday at a reasonably high chance of not being delayed by another two years, let’s talk about the various available editions and their pricing.





The basic edition of the game contains:

  • Solstice for PC & Mac (DRM-free)
  • Key for activating the game on Steam


Price: $19.99


Note: Steam key becomes active only after the game lands there in April.


Solstice Digital Collector's


Solstice for PC, Mac and Steam + downloadable extras:

  • Original Soundtrack (remastered high-quality MP3s + FLAC)
  • A full printable Solstice playing cards set
  • 46 pages-long “Making of” art book in PDF format
  • 3 large printable posters
  • 10 wallpapers


Price: $29.99


Printing: All extras are print-ready and Gracjana included a short document with tips on how to do it best.


Solstice Limited Edition


The full contents of Digital Collector’s Edition + physical goodies:

  • A set of 54 Solstice playing cards in a plastic box
  • A physical copy of the “Making of” art book
  • A set of A5 high quality Solstice prints
  • Hand-written thanks from the team


Solstice Limited Edition content

Click for hi-resolution version.


Price: $70

Limited to 60 copies!


Delivery: We’ll be mailing the physical merchandise manually, so it’s likely to take a few weeks. Any shipping costs are included in the price. Digital extras and the game itself are available instantly upon purchase, of course.


Pre-order upgrade: We’re going to have an upgrade option for pre-order owners who would like to get the merch without having to re-buy. Please email me at if you are interested. Preferably before the launch, so I can reserve a copy for you.




If you have any questions, hit us up on FacebookTwitter, or Tumblr.

Solstice trailer and release date!

Hold on to your warm blankets! Solstice is coming out on February 11th!


Like our new trailer?


That includes the collector’s and limited editions, of course, and we’ll update you regarding their pricing and delivery soon.


Steam release will follow sometime in April, though buying the game from us gets you a key anyway. You’ll just have to wait a bit before it becomes active.


(Ps. I think I deserve some credit for not using “Winter is coming” anywhere in this post, despite the overwhelming temptation to do so.)

The Solstice pre-release is ON!

As soon as Solstice development creeped into November, we realized we’ll have to wait for the holidays to end before even considering a public release. But we also wanted to give pre-order owners something to play during those long winter nights.


And tonight is the longest night of all – the winter solstice!


Solstice pre-release


Which is another way of saying Solstice is out for all pre-order owners!


Check your inboxes! Also, as promised, we’ve upgraded all your purchases to Digital Collector’s Edition!


This has been a long and harrowing project. Probably the most difficult in our careers. But it may as well resulted in our best game to date, filling us with an equal measure of anxiety and excitement, to finally be able to show it to a larger audience. We really hope you’ll like it!


Just please note that, while we and our play testers put a lot of effort into making sure everything works fine, this is the first semi-public release. If you encounter any problems, just drop me a line at Same if for some reason you haven’t received your copy.


Have fun, guys! And Happy Holidays!