Caster – multi-platform Ogg extension for GameMaker

Caster extension


Caster is a lightweight OpenAL-based extension for playing Ogg files in GameMaker, written by Marius Utheim. The extension works on both Windows and Mac.


It’s simple to use and offers all the most useful features when dealing with sound effects in your games; like pitch and volume control on instance and sample basis.




Current version: 1.1 (see latest changes)




The DLL Pack is only required for the Windows version of GameMaker, and should be placed in the game’s working directory. On Mac, just the Gex is enough.


If you have any questions or found any bugs, leave them in the comments or contact Marius directly at:


Caster is free for any kind of use, but credits to MoaCube and Marius Utheim are always welcome.

Film Grain Example

A simple example showing how to achieve a nice film grain effect in GameMaker. Useful for creating gritty ambience in darker games, or for stuff like security camera output.


Film Grain Example


Download the GMK file



Done using GameMaker 7.0 Pro. Works with both Mac and Windows. Free for any kind of use. Credits are encouraged but not necessary.