Co-Op is a small experimental arcade game for two players, a.k.a. the best way to lose friends.


Co-Op screen 1 || 2012Co-Op screen 2 || 2012Co-Op screen 3 || 2012Co-Op screen 4 || 2012Co-Op screen 5 || 2012


Download Co-Op for MacDownload Co-Op for Windows

The game is free. Have fun :).



Co-Op is a space shooter with no shooting. The only way to kill enemies is to slice them with a power beam connecting the two player ships. The goal is to max your score before you inevitably die due to your partner’s lack of competence.


The game features several types of lovable enemies, cute cardboard aesthetic, combos, and many ways to break a friendship.


Why it’s cool:

  • A quirky game to play with a partner.
  • Kills friendships like nothing else.
  • It’s free and it makes you laugh.


System requirements:


Should work on anything with at least 512Mb RAM



Intel Macs with at least OS X 10.5