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Cinders is now available on Nintendo Switch

   Our little fractured fairy tale is now playable on that cool new console that clickety-clicks. We have some feelings about this. Warm, fuzzy feelings.   Check it out on Nintendo eShop and Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Cinders is coming to Switch on V-day!

  As promised, Cinders is coming to devices. The coolest one first!   We’re teaming up with Crunching Koalas for this one and are absolutely ecstatic pretty cool with launching on a console by a company that shaped our childhood. No big … Continue reading

General MoaCube update on stuff

Yeah, well… Yeah! I guess I should update our page a bit more frequently.   Bonfire:   Its re-work is my main focus and is in fact almost done. I want to make a playable version available to people who … Continue reading

Introducing Agata

Agata Nawrot is a Warsaw-based artist.       Who makes beautifully weird wicker lamps:       And even weirder, deeply personal video games about sad vegetables and evil bird-thougths:     It’s called Karambola, and you can play it on … Continue reading

Magi now available on Steam!

    You can also get the game from us (Steam key included):