Big Magi sale!

With Cinders looking like it’s going to be late by around a month, we realized we may need your support, to help us get through that hard period just before the release. We’ve looked into crowdsourcing sites, like 8-Bit Funding, but having a fun commercial game already out, we would rather prefer to offer you some good deal on it.


We’re announcing a big sale for Magi, lasting until Cinders is released. As of today, you can get the game as cheaply as $5.95 (down from $15.95)!


You can also decide to support us with the special bundle, and get all future MoaCube games for free!



Download Magi demo:
Download Magi OSX demoDownload Magi Windows demo


Buy the game for $5.95:

Get Magi for the OSX for $5.95Get Magi for Windows for $5.95


Invest in Magi for $50



So yes, if you decide to support us with $50 now, you’ll get all future games released by MoaCube for free, as a token of gratitude.


Both ArcMagi and Cinders are going to cost around $20, so we think the bundles are a very fair deal. You get a fun and unique game to play right away, as well as “pre-order” of our future titles. Not to mention you’re also helping a bunch of people realize their dream.


If you haven’t tried Magi yet, it’s an unique and challenging strategy game about wizard duels. You can check the screenshots below and there’s always a free demo available.



Magi screen 1 || 2011Magi screen 2 || 2011Magi screen 3 || 2011Magi screen 4 || 2011Magi screen 5 || 2011


System requirements:


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7

512MB Ram

Display with minimum 1024×768 resolution



Intel Macs with at least OS X 10.5

512MB Ram

Display with minimum 1024×768 resolution