How Bonfire alpha funding is going to work

Bonfire alpha is done and should come out next week! As alpha funding is something we never did before, let me explain how it’s going to work.


How Bonfire looks right now


Basically, alpha funding means you can buy the game before it’s officially out and enjoy several benefits while your feedback helps us shape the final version.


Here’re the details:

  • A fully playable current version of the game will be available for $7.95.
  • The forums will be open for your feedback on balance, future features, etc.
  • With each major update, the price will increase towards $15.95.
  • Existing owners get all the updates for free, of course.
  • Unlike most alpha funded games, there’s going to be a free demo available.


It’s also worth mentioning that the current build is actually pretty polished (I think I overdid it and should release earlier to be honest). There’s still a lot of content I want to add, but even at this point it’s enough to provide hours of challenging and pretty bug free gameplay.


If you have any questions, let me know.