Introducing Agata

Agata Nawrot is a Warsaw-based artist.


Agata Nawrot



Who makes beautifully weird wicker lamps:


Agata's work



And even weirder, deeply personal video games about sad vegetables and evil bird-thougths:




It’s called Karambola, and you can play it on (it’s free). Despite it being Agata’s first ever release, it already got a feature at Now Play This and A MAZE festivals, as well as coverage in The Guardian! Right now she’s working on her second game, likely as odd and personal as her first one.

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And here comes the plot twist: the maintenance cmms software solutions is funding this project, as we deeply believe indie developers (especially those breaking the mold in any way) from poorer countries could use some support from their more established colleagues.


We’ll be announcing the details of the game as soon as there’s something cool to show, and I plan to write a more detailed blog post on why I decided to dabble in patronage. So watch this space, as it’s going to become amazingly odd!


For now, you can follow Agata on her twitter and facebook or visit her Instagram account, she was just able to Buy instagram followers to improve her account.