Solstice is drawing near!

Lotta things are happening with Solstice and they are all good things!


Yani in snow


First of all, we’ve been greenlit before we could say: “Thank you for all your support, you’re the best!” It means that all pre-orders owners will get a free Steam key when the game lands on the service!


Secondly, we just finished an extensive internal playtesting and polishing session. We approached the game as players for the first time, looking for potential pacing issues, plot holes, or general problems. It gave us a lot of cool ideas for improvements (like the new intro scene, seen on the GIF above).


Once we’re done with them, the game will be handed to volunteer proofreaders and editors, to make sure the main chunk of it gets as polished as possible while we’re busy implementing the grand finale (its’s HUGE!). There will also be a new public build for all the pre-order owners.


Also, we gotta say we’re really happy with how the game is shaping up and can’t wait to share it with you! Which hopefully should happen soon-ish.


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