Monthly Archives: August 2011

Magi update v1.4 for the PC

A new update for the PC version of Magi, bringing all the changes we did while porting the game to Mac, is now available. Improvements focus mainly on the cosmetics, and keeping the game up to date with modern systems. … Continue reading

Magi for the Mac OSX is out!

Mac version of Magi is finally done and available for purchase! The full version costs $5.95 for the duration of the Magi sale. There’s also a free demo available.           Invest in MoaCube and get all our … Continue reading

Magi OSX port is almost done!

I finally got around to finishing Magi port to OSX. As you can see, it works and is completely playable by now:     We plan to release it in few days, but there’s still some work left to do on … Continue reading

An update on Cinders pre-orders

      We have some good news for everyone who pre-ordered Cinders.   A new preview build comes out on Tuesday (August 16). It addresses every issue that was posted on our beta forums, plus adds few more improvements. It won’t … Continue reading

Why there’s no blog lately

So yeah, as you can see, I haven’t updated the blog since a few weeks now. And I probably won’t until Cinders‘ release, too.   The reason is as prosaic as it can get — simple lack of time. I … Continue reading