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So I’ve bought myself a Porsche

Back when Cinders production started to become really troubled, I used to joke that we might have hit some hurdles, but just you wait, in two years I’m gonna get myself a Porsche!   I even created a blog post … Continue reading

Personal update

I love writing essay-ish blog posts about game design, but recently I’ve been too busy to do so. And quite frankly, I’m not really in the proper mood. The stress is slowly getting to me and I find myself focused … Continue reading

Design Boost Camp

Being an indie can get very lonely. It’s my main gripe with it so far. I don’t have problems with motivating myself, work/life balance is hard but not impossible, and money issues and overall uncertainty are balanced out by the … Continue reading

Blog is back + personal update

My life is slowly getting back into balance, and I finally got more time to write. It seems like the right time to revive the blog! Google Analytics also says it’s good for our traffic ;).   With such a … Continue reading

Why there’s no blog lately

So yeah, as you can see, I haven’t updated the blog since a few weeks now. And I probably won’t until Cinders‘ release, too.   The reason is as prosaic as it can get — simple lack of time. I … Continue reading