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Blog is back + personal update

My life is slowly getting back into balance, and I finally got more time to write. It seems like the right time to revive the blog! Google Analytics also says it’s good for our traffic ;).   With such a … Continue reading

Why there’s no blog lately

So yeah, as you can see, I haven’t updated the blog since a few weeks now. And I probably won’t until Cinders‘ release, too.   The reason is as prosaic as it can get — simple lack of time. I … Continue reading

Time to write something, no?

That’s just great. I have this blog for quite a while now, had some big plans for it, the topics I wanted to talk about are piling up… and yet, I’ve made no posts. Mainly because my life looks like … Continue reading

Blog Blog Blog

So yeah, a blog. Everyone seems to have one these days. I want a piece of it too. What I’m going to write about?   Indie Life. Or how to handle the ever-looming threat of starvation. You can expect some … Continue reading