Monthly Archives: July 2011

Rewards for discovering endings

We just finished implementing a neat little feature.   Whenever you discover a new main ending or get to a certain branch of the storyline, a new decoration appears in the main menu.   (It can go from this…)   … Continue reading

Cinders as The Evil Queen

This is a bit spoiler-ish, but I just had to share it.   Cinders’ actions during the game determine what ending (and what variant of that ending) you get. For example, Cinders can obviously marry The Prince and become a … Continue reading

Milestone number five!

We just finished our fifth Cinders milestone (out of six)!   The game is now feature-complete. We just need to finish the story and add the endings, and it’s release time! All the character and location art is done, too. … Continue reading

Moa’s biggest traffic sources

Continuing on the trend from the last week, here’s some more MoaCube’s stats. This time: our biggest traffic sources, along with some notes on how we got there (thanks to Paul Eres of RPGcreations for the suggestion).       … Continue reading

Some MoaCube sales stats

The blog was meant to become a bi-weekly thing until Cinders‘┬árelease, but this could be interesting for many, so there you go.   Today, we’re getting our first payment from BMT Micro. I thought I could share some stats and … Continue reading