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Direct sales launch: 3 years ago VS now

We’re an interesting case. Even though I wish we weren’t.   If you’re not familiar with our work, three and a half years ago we’ve released Cinders. A fairytale visual novel, which became quite successful for such a niche genre, earning … Continue reading

How we handle our social networks

In the Cinders postmortem, I’ve talked about how social networks completely overshadowed the press when it came to generating traffic.   Of course, the press is still important for igniting that initial spark of interest (which I’m now painfully learning through … Continue reading

Cinders Postmortem #2: Production and Business

Let’s move on to part two of Cinders postmortem. Part one was a critical assessment of the artistic merit of the game. This one goes backstage — to the production and business aspects. How the development worked, how we marketed the … Continue reading

Initial thoughts a week after Cinders’ release

It’s done! Cinders is out. I can finally get back to being a living person instead of an elaborate computer peripheral. And to writing this blog.   I plan to do a full post-mortem in a few months, but for now … Continue reading

Moa’s biggest traffic sources

Continuing on the trend from the last week, here’s some more MoaCube’s stats. This time: our biggest traffic sources, along with some notes on how we got there (thanks to Paul Eres of RPGcreations for the suggestion).       … Continue reading